Let's talk about online marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Local Marketing and PPC

 What is online marketing?

Marketing online is right now the best way to bring more leads to your business. Online marketing and internet advertising deals with many ways to advertise online, it can be organic or paid.  

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is doing marketing without paying for it. It can be social media marketing, or SEO, etc.  When people refer to the word organic this means they are basically not paying for the traffic or leads, instead they are putting the work and doing things organically. 

Paid Marketing or Paid Advertising

Paid marketing or Paid Advertising is basically buying ads on google, Facebook, Instagram, tik tok, etc. Results will be faster but once you stop paying for the ads, the leads or traffic will also stop.  

Which type of advertising is the best: Organic or paid?

Both are good ways to gain more leads, organic will be a long-term strategy, it will take months before you will see any results when it comes to SEO.  Organic social media requires lots of time creating content and finding a strategy that works for your niche.  Both organic and paid are great ways to advertise online, if budget allows you should do both. 

PPC or Paid Advertising

PPC stands for Pay Per Click and that's another name for paid advertising or paid marketing. You can do PPC in many platforms like Google, Facebook, Tik Tok. All are great ways to gain more leads and more traffic. 

Local Marketing

Local marketing is doing marketing to attract local traffic, a great way to do marketing for local businesses with a physical location.  Local marketing and local advertising can be achieved by optimizing your site for local searches. 

Social Media Marketing and Social Media Ads

You can use social media for organic and paid marketing. Both ways work to gain more followers, clients, and leads.  

We will be talking about the following topics:

digital marketing

Digital marketing includes SEM, SEO, Social media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, PPC.

marketing agency

This is a company that does digital marketing, many specialize in only one thing, and many specialize in all. 

social media marketing

Marketing with social media, like Facebook, TikTok. It can be organic or paid. 

digital marketing agency

This is an agency that does digital marketing. 

advertising agency

An advertising agency can do creatives and digital marketing. 

marketing strategy

This is the plan of your marketing.

email marketing

This is sending emails to your list of contacts.

content marketing

Content marketing is creating content on a blog post, social media account.

market segmentation

Selecting only a certain group of people to target your ads.


This can be grouping.

target market

The audience you're targeting with your ads. 

marketing plan

Same as a marketing strategy.

lead generation

The act of generating leads, it can be organic or paid. Via ads or website.

marketing consultant

Someone that's an expert at marketing and will guide you on what to do for marketing.

influencer marketing

A person that has a lot of followers.

digital marketing company

A company that does digital marketing.

seo agency

A company or business that only does SEO or Search Engine Marketing.

business marketing

A company that will help you get more customers. 

marketing company

Can be a traditional company that can help you with branding and digital marketing.

online marketing

Online marketing is internet marketing, a way to get more clients. 

multi level marketing

Usually recruiting new people. 

market analysis

Research of the market to see if there is enough business. 

seo marketing

SEO marketing is working on your site SEO.

internet marketing

Same as online marketing. 

affiliate marketing programs

Programs that will pay you for generating leads. 

inbound marketing

Marketing that's inbound.

Facebook marketing

Marketing or advertising in Facebook.


Electronic marketing

product marketing

Product marketing for listings on stores.

brand marketing

The voice, and feel of your brand.